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Our Activities


Make & Bake

Who doesn’t enjoy making fun yummy treats? Our Cuddle Bugs love it. Every second week we give our little chefs the opportunity to develop their senses and creativity by making themed snacks that are tasty and healthy (most of the time).

Play time

This is the time where we learn through play. Our teachers are active with our Cuddle Bugs by playing soccer, ball games, obstacles, hula jump etc. These activities are there to help improve and develop our little ones Gross Motor skills.

We love play time as it allows children to be creative and develop their imagination as well as their physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Play also helps for healthy brain development and it is through play that our Cuddle Bugs learn at an early age to engage and interact with their surroundings.

We do various activities that include sensory play where we learn and use our different sense (touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing). Educational games, puzzles, blocks etc help us develop and improve our brain aerobics skills.


Every second Friday we bring out the scientists in our little ones while we let them do mini-science experiments where we allow them to engage with their need-to-learn and curiosity. This is also allows them to see how things work and to understand everyday life.

responsibility & independence

We encourage each individual to be independent, at their age appropriate level. Children have a drive to be independent and to do things by themselves – which they learn to do more and more.

At Cuddle Bugs we encourage our children to become independent and to take responsibility where possible. When our little ones learn and practice self-help skills such as feeding and dressing themselves, at the same time they are developing their fine and gross motor skills. They gain confidence in their ability to try new thing and to build their self-esteem and begin to take pride in themselves with their independence and achievements. This eventually contributes in starting to set goals and challenges for themselves.

Independence is also promoted through hygiene and toileting, by means of:

Please Note: Support is provided for all the above if needed.

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